More than 30 million Americans are struggling with some form of an eating disorder.  It is estimated that only 1 in 10 individuals receive adequate treatment as a result of the high cost of care and limitations of most insurance plans.  

In an effort to change this statistic, KHF has begun a movement across the county to bring increased awareness to this devastating illness while raising funds for treatment through their Love Rock Freedom Walk campaign.

KHF is committed to giving hope, support and the monetary assistance necessary to receive lifesaving medical care to those seeking freedom from their eating disorders.

We need you in the fight, to take a stand and walk with us!


Here’s how you can help!

Team up with The Kirsten Haglund Foundation and organize a Freedom Walk to help raise money for those who cannot afford eating disorder treatment.

You will receive a Freedom Walk Planning Guide and be connected with a walk coordinator to help step you through the process.

To get started email or fill out the form below.   

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