If you know someone who may be struggling with an eating disorder,
they need professional help. Period.

Fortunately, there are great resources all over the web, providing answers to difficult questions, ways to approach an individual about the illness, links to support groups, treatment centers, and general information about eating disorders. Knowledge is power, and we want YOU to be informed. 

While traveling the country as Miss America, Kirsten heard firsthand, story after story, of young men and women who, with professional help, were able to recover from their eating disorder and embrace total wellness and health. Along with this truth however, comes the sad realization that treatment costs, largely not covered by health insurance, can be devastating. Residential treatment and/or inpatient care can be an individual’s only beacon of hope for recovery; their only chance at life. That treatment, however, comes at a significant cost. Part of the mission of The Kirsten Haglund Foundation is to raise funds for treatment scholarships in order to provide hope for families and those waging the war on eating disorders (ED). You are not alone in this struggle. 

Please note: As we pursue ongoing fundraising efforts, at present, our scholarship application process is on hold. We understand this can be a difficult struggle to find care; while we hope to continue to help as many people as possible through networking, support and awareness, please do not lose hope and feel free to reach out directly to one of the many, incredible resources on our resources page. You are loved.

Scholarship Application Process - Currently is On HOLD - Fundraising Continues and Donations Are Being Accepted - Please Check Back for Future Opportunities that May be Offered. Thank You

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Avalon Hills Foundation www.avalonhillsfoundation.org

FINDINGbalance (Lasting Freedom Program) www.findingbalance.com

F.R.E.E.D. Foundation www.freedfoundation.org

Manna Scholarship Fund www.mannafund.org 

Moonshadow’s Spirit www.moonshadowsspirit.org 

Project Heal www.theprojectheal.org 

Please keep in mind that this is not an exhaustive list of resources, just something to get you started.  If you or a loved one is struggling with a distorted view of their body, themselves, or their relationship with food and weight, the links above are a good start.  No online resource however, can replace good professional help.  Please don’t hesitate to reach out to a treatment provider near you for assistance — it’s as easy as picking up the phone and asking your doctor or family physician for some recommendations.

The Kirsten Haglund Foundation does not promote or endorse the resources listed above.