The Mission of the Kirsten Haglund Foundation (KHF) is to provide hope, networking and financial aid to those seeking treatment and freedom from eating disorders.

“I had been struggling with my anorexia for nearly 10 years and my insurance would not pay for treatment. Just when I thought all hope was lost, God connected me with the Kirsten Haglund Foundation.”
— Chantyl

From Kirsten, FOUNDER

The initiative to create the Kirsten Haglund Foundation (KHF) came from my own battle with an eating disorder, and desire to expand awareness of this disease. While traveling the country as Miss America, I heard firsthand, story after story, of young men and women who, with professional help, were able to recover from their eating disorder and embrace total wellness and health. As a foundation, we want to make that help a reality for more young people.

This is a message not exclusive to eating disorders, but one that we all know…when you love and thereby ACCEPT yourself, you are better equipped to help others in your own unique way. 

Love your Body. Rock the World.



  • Help is available and can save lives, but...
  • Treatment costs, largely not covered by health insurance, can be devastating. Residential treatment and/or inpatient care can be an individual’s only beacon of hope for recovery; their only chance at life. This specialized care can cost up to $2,500 PER DAY.
  • The illness of an eating disorder is not a choice nor is it a phase. Rather, it is a life-threatening, physical and mental illnesses that will require full and specialized treatment by professionals in the field.
  • While the Eating Disorders Coalition in Washington D.C., families, and activists across the country continue to work with our legislative bodies for Mental Health Parity (which passed federally in 2008), and for comprehensive action related to eating disorders and insurance policies (see the FREED Act), there is still more that can be done.
  • It is devastating to see a family left heartbroken and bankrupt because the insurance company does not recognize an eating disorder as an illness. Not one man or woman should die a victim to the disease, guilty and alone, because their family is depleted of resources and unable to pay for treatment.